Investment Consulting

for the Private Wealth Segment

Sustaining investment success requires good strategy, risk management, and continuous rigorous evaluation.

Careful monitoring, objective measurements and clear communication of portfolio characteristics and risk exposures and well designed investment processes that are diligently followed are essential to an effective investment program.  Also critical is the careful monitoring of the shifts in macro landscape, and understanding how potential scenarios might affect both the investment portfolio as well as the investor’s general balance sheet.

All this is common sense in the institutional world; In the private wealth segment, not so much.  Many, even large sophisticated private groups appreciate the importance of systematically evaluating the various quantities and qualities that characterize their investment portfolios but fail to do so appropriately.

Day-to-day distractions; the complexity and abstraction of the work; not grasping the crucial role such work plays in sustaining investment performance results in the mid and long term; a decade of cheap money and ever-rising markets rewarding complacency:  Whatever the impediments, correct portfolio management practices are fundamental to sustained investment returns.

Our Consulting Services

Harbor Ithaka offers a full suite of independent portfolio analysis and monitoring work to support the portfolio management activities of single family offices, unstructured high net worth families and trusts.  We strive to engage collaboratively and support the investor’s trusted team as a coordinating, consulting or supervisory resource.

Asset and first-level risk allocation analysis of investor’s current multi-institution aggregate investment portfolio and assessment of consistency with investor’s risk tolerance, balance sheet and mid to long term objectives.

Give us your various Bank/broker PDF statements and we will help you visualize and provide valuable insights on the quality of your portfolio.

Thorough analytical analysis providing clear performance and cost accounting; Historical recreation and asset and sub-startegy performance benchmarking of your aggregate multi-instution portfolio; Quantitative and qualitative multi-level evaluation of portfolio management, from the advisor down to the strategy and product level.

Give us multi-year multi-instituion bank/Borker PDF and we will help you understand what has been going on.

Work closely with your advisors / single family office team to evaluate and design investment process and/or policy and strategy that is consistent with the usage, embedded risks-sets and idiosyncrasies of the broader family balance sheet and properly aligned mid to longer term family goals.

An investment program is only as good as the design and disciplined investment processes around which it is structured.  We serve as outside third-party collaborative support to the family’s team.

Full continuous monitoring and collaborative investment management support designed for single-family offices and institution including:

  • Investment Data aggregation and organization, coordination and monitoring; Transparency and understanding of Portfolio data required for evaluation and decision making.
  • Powerful presentation / visualization of portfolio characteristics and evolution for improved communication and decision making by investment team and stake-holders / end beneficiaries.
  • Quantitative and objective qualitative multi-level evaluation of the investment portfolio, from internal/ external investment process, to management of allocation, strategy and product selection, to help gauge de  value-add provided by institutions, advisors, brokers and different investment providers, Risk-based portfolio analytics and scenario modeling.
  • General Balance sheet risk-analysis, portfolio-balance sheet re-balancing, and investment portfolio completion work.
  • Monitoring and assisting the functioning of the investment process.
  • Macro / market monitoring and research into the shifting nature of different secular and cyclical risk-return drivers to support on-going risk guard rail and risk and asset allocation strategies.
  • Market opportunity and portfolio strategy guidance.
  • Second opinion reviews on new product offerings.
  • Systematic on-going review of investment costs.