Fund of Funds Strategies

Alternative & Private Markets Platform for the Private Wealth Segment

Our Platform

A robust and independent alternative investing platform

Designed to address the challenges that the private wealth segment of advisors, brokers, private banks, single family offices and similar institutions, face when investing in Alternative and Private Markets.

We offer:

a) Deep understanding of the different asset classes, strategy types and the types of risk, return and correlations that can be expected.

b) The capability to achieve optimal diversification among and within the various alternative asset classes, strategy types and managers, high quality portfolio construction and tactical cycle-driven positioning to maximize risk-return asymmetries and benefits of low or un-correlation.

c) Embedded management the many on-going funding, operational, monitoring, accounting, tax and reporting complexities of investing in alternatives while reducing their implied costs.

When investing in alternatives, selecting top managers is key, but proper diversification is indispensable

The evidence of historical fund return dispersion in private markets and the possibility of managers underperforming their own historical track-records are facts that demand good alternative portfolio diversification: Proper manager diversification lowers the likelihood of ending up with mediocre returns while increasing that of achieving top-level comparable asset-class returns and capturing the decorrelation benefits that are being pursued.

Fund of fund Strategies

Harbor Ithaka has developed a menu of Fund of Funds designed to support alternative investing activities of wealth managers, multi-family offices, independent advisors, broker-dealers, and private banks.

We aim to offer efficient and high quality dynamically managed exposure to the different risk types that are available through the various alternative and private market strategies to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns with a lower correlation to traditional public markets.

With minimum investment amounts of US $100,000, each fund of fund provides optimal multi-manager multi-strategy diversification and tactically managed positioning benefits, as well as numerous structural features amenable to the needs and idiosyncrasies of private investors and their advisors while reducing the selection and on-going operational complexities and costs of investing in Alternatives.

Key Attributes of the Harbor Ithaka Fund of Fund Strategies

Add diversification of risk-return drivers to more traditionally oriented private wealth portfolios while constraining down-side risk.

Optimized the risk-return performance via portfolio construction, dynamic tactical cycle-driven positioning, broad strategy and manager diversification and through due diligence.

Provide a “return behavior” better suited to the idiosyncrasies of the private wealth client base (J-curve mitigation, quick deployment, etc.)

Simplify the operational complexities and costs of investing in alternatives faced by wealth managers and their firms as well as the incidence of advisor-investor client relationship stresses.

Asset Classes

The Harbor Ithaka’s funds currently invest in the following private markets and subsegments:

Private Credit (US Corporate Lending)
Commercial Real Estate Debt
Commercial Real Estate (Equity)
Asset backed / Niche lending strategies
Hedge Funds: Macro (a-cyclical) + long Volatility hedge Funds
Specialty Finanace

Within each of these asset classes, Our funds invest tactically, weighting the various strategy types according to how risks and opportunities shift through the economic and credit cycles

Fund of Funds Menu
Reserved Private Credit Fund:
Asset Classes: CRE debt + Life Settlements
Investment Objective: Robust, Cycle-Resilient and Stable Alternative Debt
Target # of underlying Funds: 12-14
Open Ended / Evergreen
Private Credit Opportunities Fund
Asset Classes: US Private Corp debt
Investment Objective: Opportunistic Credit w/capital preservation Focus
Target # of underlying Funds: 12-16
Soft-Closing Fund Series / Evergreen Structure
Tactical Select Allocation Real Estate Fund
Asset Classes: US CRE equity + US CRE debt
Investment Objective: Tactically managed multi Strategy Real Estate Opportunistic
Target # of underlying Funds: 16-22
Soft-Closing Fund Series / Evergreen Structure
Real Estate Income Strategies Fund
Asset Classes: CRE debt + Life Settlements
Investment Objective: Cycle-Resilient and Stable Alternative Income
Target # of underlying Funds: 12-14
Open Ended / Evergreen
Life Settlement Multi-Strategies Fund
Asset Classes: Life Settlements
Investment Objective: Non Correlated Asset class
Target # of underlying Funds: 4-5
Open Ended / Evergreen
Reserved Private Credit II
Asset Classes: Private Corp Debt + CRE debt + CRE equity + Specialty Finance
Investment Objective: Multi Asset Class, Multi Strategy exposure to Private Markets, w/ capital preservation
Target # of underlying Funds: 12-16
Open Ended / Evergreen
(US Taxable Investors only)
Up-Coming Fund Launch:
Asset Classes: Macro Multi strategy hedge funds + Long Volatility Hedge Funds + CTAs
Investment Objective: A-cyclical & Un-corroleated to traditional risk assets
Target # of underlying Funds: 8-12
Open Ended / Evergreen
Up-Coming Fund Launch:
Select Cycle Opportunities I (Series)
Asset Classes: Multi Asset Class - Multi Strategy
Investment Objective: Counter Cylical Opportunistic
Target # of underlying Funds: 8-10
Closed Ended
(US Taxable Investors only)
Strategy Development Work:
ES Venture Capital Opps I
(Target Launch Q1-Q2 2024)