Alternative & Private Markets Platform

Solutions for SFO and Institutional Clients

Bespoke Alternative Portfolios for Single Family Offices and Institutional Investors.

Harbor Ithaka combines its resources and expertise to tailor and manage portfolios of alternative and private market investments for single family offices and mid-sized institutions.

We believe the combination of open market access with the powerful due-diligence capabilities and portfolio construction and investment approach that Harbor Ithaka can offer, can support a robust and successful alternative and private market investment program.

Harbor Ithaka

Advantages & Differentiators


Independent and platform-agnostic manager sourcing

Independent and platform-agnostic manager sourcing allows access to a much broader universe of managers and strategies, significantly improving the capacity to diversify among strategies and managers and tailor the alternative investment portfolio to the investor’s requests.  Strategy and fund search and selection are purposefully guided by the client’s risk-adjusted return and diversification preferences and requirements instead of being determined by private banking platform availability.

Broad asset and sub-asset class, strategy, manager diversification

Our platform allows for broad asset and sub-asset class, strategy, manager, and fund diversification with lower investment commitments per fund.

Strategy Analysis & Full Manager Operational Due-Diligence

Rigorous strategy analysis, specialized third party manager operational due-diligence and on-going monitoring capabilities.

Embeded Operational, Accounting, Tax and Admin Capabilities

Unique Single investor-fund vehicle structuring allows organized investment management with full administration, auditing, performance monitoring, and accounting and reporting capabilities, greatly simplifying the alternative investment management processes for single family and mid sized-institutions.

Harbor Ithaka’s Investment approach and Cycle-Positioning Capabilities

The capacity to leverage Harbor Ithaka’s investment framework and cycle positioning capabilities to design and manage risk exposures consistent with the investor’s larger investment portfolio and general balance sheet characteristics.

Significant Operational Cost Reduction

Reduce the operational complexities and relate costs associated with in-house management burdens of funding, monitoring, managing and reporting on a portfolio of alternative and private investments.
Our Platform

A robust and independent alternative investing platform

Designed to address the challenges that the private wealth segment of advisors, brokers, private banks, single family offices and similar institutions, face when investing in Alternative and Private Markets.

We offer:

a) Deep understanding of the different asset classes, strategy types and the types of risk, return and correlations that can be expected.

b) The capability to achieve optimal diversification among and within the various alternative asset classes, strategy types and managers, high quality portfolio construction and tactical cycle-driven positioning to maximize risk-return asymmetries and benefits of low or un-correlation.

c) Embedded management the many on-going funding, operational, monitoring, accounting, tax and reporting complexities of investing in alternatives while reducing their implied costs.

When investing in alternatives, selecting top managers is key, but proper diversification is indispensable

The evidence of historical fund return dispersion in private markets and the possibility of managers underperforming their own historical track-records are facts that demand good alternative portfolio diversification: Proper manager diversification lowers the likelihood of ending up with mediocre returns while increasing that of achieving top-level comparable asset-class returns and capturing the decorrelation benefits that are being pursued.