Institutional Approach to Investing

for the Private Wealth Segment

Driving Growth by Being Risk Management Focused
Harbor Ithaka provides a suite of consulting and investment solutions designed to better the investing activities of single-family offices, ultra-high-net-worth investors, and the advisory teams that guide them.

By leveraging our approach to understanding risks and finding and helping access opportunities, we support sophisticated investors in constructing and managing their portfolios to successfully navigate the unpredictability and complexity of business and credit cycles.

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Our services and investment products embed a distinct investment approach developed on the back of over two decades of empirical, theoretical research and hands-on investment management experience: It is an approach that acknowledges uncertainty and complexity, gives primacy to managing risk and its tails, and to diversifying fundamental risk drivers; That works to estimate risks dynamically as the economic and credit cycles progress and interact with different industry and macroeconomic shifts, to then seek to identify asymmetric ways to capture opportunities and construct portfolios that are broadly and deeply diversified. Ours is a prudent and opportunistic approach that aims to bring clarity and calm through sustained investment success and coaching.

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We are better known for our:

Services for the Private Wealth Segment: a full suite of independent portfolio analysis and monitoring work to support the portfolio management activities of single-family offices, unstructured high net-worth families, and trusts.

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We offer the capacity to tailor and manage portfolios of private and alternative investments, optimizing both risk-adjusted performance and their operational and reporting challenges.

A series of Fund-of-Funds designed for simplified participation in various private market asset classes and for investors of varying risk profiles without surrendering diversification and risk-adjusted benefits.

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"We believe that capital preservation and growth of wealth are interdependent goals that rely on the proper understanding and management of investment risk; that risk management is not contradictory to growing wealth, it is the cornerstone on which sustained growth is possible."

Harbor Ithaka