Research shows that a majority of wealthy families end up losing the bulk of their wealth even before first- and second-generation transfers. Despite tremendous efforts, very few ever regain the positions they once achieved. And even when many family-captains choose to ignore them, such statistics repeat with surprising consistency throughout history and cultures, across both emerging and developed markets, and regardless of the size and perceived strength of the wealth involved. Harbor Ithaka Wealth Management was born out of the desire to help preserve what entrepreneurial families construct, accumulate, and come to stand for over the years: Growth, ingenuity, unrelenting optimism, strength, social and economic development. We seek to protect this not only against the myriad of financial and economic risks but also from complacency and misguided advice.

Wealth Solutions

We offer a series of services for high-net-worth individuals and single-family offices that comprise a toolset for complex estate management.

High-Level Consulting

It all starts with the proper design and development of an overarching Wealth Strategy. Risk diversification should be considered as an estate-wide problem. Investment strategies should be drawn with consistency; that is, for both the “liquid” or “passive” side of the estate, as well as on the “illiquid” or “active” party, where real operating companies are the main engine.

Investment Portfolio Auditing and Surveillance

The good investment strategy and the attainment of long-term goals are possible only through carefully organized thinking. The Portfolio Surveillance service is designed to make the investment process and decision making clear, through the continuous quantitative and qualitative measurement and clear communication to client of investment portfolio essentials: The portfolio’s risk and return mathematics, the proper understanding and monitoring of risks and their distribution, the objective evaluation of the added-value provided by the entire chain of investment managers, brokers and advisors, the correct contextualization and benchmarking of results. After more than a decade and a half of asset allocation and portfolio construction research and for over thirteen of those years having analyzed hundreds of investment portfolios, large and small, our team developed a service designed to assist high net worth investors and single-family offices in better understanding and managing their investment portfolios.

Investment Portfolio Management

Investment portfolios should be configured first, to balance the risks that are already embedded within the client’s general balance sheet; And second, be managed in a way supportive of the client’s more general estate or wealth management strategy and goals. The portfolio construction problem is not framed as trying to maximize investment returns, nor as a “risk-return optimization” problem. We are trying to solve for protecting what is of most value (freedom to pursue and freedom from); We are solving for the “wealth strategy,” minimizing threats to a life plan, not seeking to maximize returns focused solely on some market-focused opportunity set. Our investment portfolio constructions prioritize capital preservation and return consistency by being risk management focused and Guided by a Search for Intrinsic Value.

Wealth Management