Rigorous manager selection and performance are the most important criteria for this private credit strategy. For investors seeking trustworthy managers with great expertise who analyze all possible investment scenarios and make decisions with integrity, placing them ahead of their individual interests.

Main goal

This fund aims to allow private investors to participate in the institutional segments of the private credit space without forgoing the benefits of a broad strategy and manager diversification, as well as initial and continuous manager due diligence and sector monitoring.

Nature of portfolio

Highly collateralized, focused private credit strategies, tight loan-to-value ratios (45%-55%), and little to no use of portfolio leverage. Rigorous managers with proven track records, focused on shorter-term credit strategies, defined as investing in or generating private loans instruments maturing between six months and three years.

Why invest in this fund

Whereas too many private credit managers and funds had been offering loans with easy covenants at rates that implied miscalculated risks, and then leveraged their loan books to offer investors higher returns, Harbor Ithaka’s private credit fund has remained focused on quality collateral, little-to-no leverage and experienced managers capable of servicing assets. Even in the current extraordinary circumstances, we feel confident that our portfolio of managers and their underlying loans will prove resilient.

Our Expertise

This fund is focused on the more conservative segments within the private credit space. It is maintained with a professional strategy review, operational due-diligence and ongoing monitoring. It is a fund that provides investors with important strategy and manager diversification; managers’ track records and ongoing work is evaluated for portfolio construction and risk management practices.

1.What type of loans are in this fund?

Mostly commercial, multi-family and residential real-estate loans. This fund focuses on the more conservative side of the credit market space, backed by quality collateral, shorter maturities and prudent loan-to-value ratios.

  1. What is the average leverage of the loans?

45% to 55% loan-to-value

  1. What is the average maturity of the loans?

13 months.

  1. What is the minimum initial investment in this fund?


  1. Is there a lock-up period for the fund?

Yes, the lock-up period is one year, followed by quarterly redemptions.

  1. What is the fund managers’ average AUM?

The average AUM of the underlying managers is $624mm.

  1. How many underlying managers does this fund have?

This fund has an average of 13 managers.

Fund Advisor:
Harbor Ithaka, LLC (USA)
Fund Structure
BVI Master Feeder SPC
Fund Inception
Nov 2016
Legal Counsel
Harneys, West & Riegels
Deloitte, Cayman.
JTC Fund Solutions
Monthly Statements, Annual Audit
Lock-up Period
One year hard lock
Quarterly, with 95 days notice
Income Distribution
Possible upon request, Quarterly
Class A
Advisory/Investment Management Fees: 0.85%
Minimum Investment: USD $100,000
Class B
Advisory/Investment Management Fees: 1.50%
ISIN: XD0433602105
Minimum Investment: USD $100,000
Miguel García
Managing Partner
Tel: +1(305) 755 7600

Reserved Private Credit Strategies Fund