We are a down-to-earth Investment Management team with a transparent approach that prioritizes the understanding and management of risks. We believe in hard work, intellectual rigor and transparency, and enjoy working with advisory teams and families with whom we share values and admire.

It has taken almost two full decades of research, earnest thought, and intense practice to develop the ability to help our clients navigate the course ahead.

For us, it is not just about AUM. It is not just about returns.
What drives us is helping protect what is most valuable to the entrepreneurial man and woman we chose to serve.

Our Investment Approach

Risk Management Focused and Guided by a Search for inherent value.

We believe that capital preservation and growth of wealth are interdependent goals that rely on the proper management of investment risk and careful evaluation of opportunity; Risk management is not contradictory to growing wealth: it is the cornerstone for sustained growth.

Our investment work is guided on three basic principles:

  • Awareness and respect for Uncertainty,
  • Diversification of (quantifiable) risk types, and a
  • Clear grasp of Fundamentals (seeking to anchor on to intrinsic value).

Our Team Culture

The successful navigation of financial markets and economic cycles requires much more than an awe-inspiring brand, clever-sounding-talk, and a perfectly appointed tie. Knowledge of the required fields and robust technological and banking platforms are only the most basic-level prerequisites. It all starts and ends with the quality and depth of commitment of the people involved.

Preserving and growing our clients’ hard-earned wealth amidst global complexities and uncertainties demand rigorous thinking and intensely focused work; The type of work that can only flow from a culture that fosters critical thinking and meticulous attention to detail. That balances discipline with unconformity, encourages awareness of purpose, and breeds the kind relentless character that is humble enough to focus on the resulting quality of the work.

Excellence results from the deep-level synchronicity that a team of individuals driven by such a work ethic can muster.

The Harbor team of investment professionals started its journey in 2006 as a research and investment risk consulting group focused on global macro, asset allocation, and portfolio construction. Although the team continues to grow, the original core group of professionals continues at the helm.

Harbor Ithaka recently established an “advisory committee” made up of veteran financial industry ex-CEOs, who continuously coach and challenge the entire team.

Our Commitment

We believe that managing wealth is among the noblest of endeavors: In truth, clients invest their trust. One must correspond this confidence with the highest level of integrity: Protect the result of decades of effort, experience, craftmanship; Support, and facilitate its future growth. These are our mandates.

We are committed to the values of “Stewardship:” We seek to combine extraordinary levels of cost transparency, alignment of interests, intellectual rigor, and moral integrity as distinctive features of our work.

It is our hope and part of our mission that we can eventually help shift the current way of thinking and doing wealth management.

About Us